Read what graduates have to say about the ECG Course!

I liked the course very much. I found the course content interesting and informative. I loved the convenience of doing the course at my speed and would take another course in this way first before signing up for an in class.

C. Dolbear

I very much enjoyed the ECG course via the internet. I found the format and content were excellent, also, I thought the course was presented logically and I have recomended it to others.

Please let me know if you could provide me with a complete list of courses available through the internet as I would be interested in the possibility of taking more.

Thanks again,

PS feel free to share my feedback with others.

N. Jones

I did enjoy the course and I would take another course through the internet.

Thank you

J. Rinehart

An Excellent Course !!

I found the format to be well organized and very easy to follow. Course explains the "why" rather than just the usual "memorize this ECG pattern for later recall" approach.

Phenomenal graphics that clarify concepts. The use of student "discussions" is a great way to make the course interesting and adds humour.

I would highly recommend this course for any health science student or practitioner looking for a good introductory ECG course.

M. Hunter

I enjoyed the format of the course. I liked being able to logon to the internet directly and have the assignment right there. Material, test, and score. I always knew exactly where I stood all the way through.

The presentation was logical. It followed step by step through the material without jumping around. The material was clear and the graphics were very good.

As a last comment, I found the presentation very simplistic compared to the content of the exam. There was nothing in the exam that was not covered in the material, but the simple presentation was very different that the complex questions on the exam. All that having been said, it was a very good course, and the material was covered very well.

You will see me again.

E. McEwen

The format of the course was well done and the presentation logical. I think the unit on pacemakers was a little over the top. As a past Cardiac Care nurse I know that much information isn't needed on pacemakers and it was a little overwelming.

As for taking another course I am now working on Unit #8 of the 12-lead program. It would be nice to see more health care courses done this way. We could do studies on several diseases put in courses according to systems of the body; electrolyte and fluid balance, Emergency situations and problems, etc

... I hope this way of learning expands!

C. Macko

I thought the course was great. The material was not absolutely new to me, I had taken a similar course about 15 years ago, but lost most of the knowledge thru lack of use.

The format was good, I liked the humour. I didn't find I had a lot of questions, so the material was clear and logically laid out. ... it's a great, convenient way to take a course, and I'm ready to go on to the 12-lead course.

J. Finan

I very much enjoyed the format of the course. It was the first online course I've ever taken and I don't think it will be my last. The online format fits into my schedule much easier as I work shift work.

The course was easy to follow. It was a good beginner course and covered everything expected. There was more detail than I needed to know about pacemakers.

I would definitely take another online course. Keep up the good work!
Thank you,

C. Baird

I enjoyed the format of the coarse. It made it fun and interesting! The presentation was logically presented. I did not find it extremely difficult or too easy.

J. Parks

I enjoyed the course and it was presented very logically. It was at the level expected except that I didn't realize until after I started the course that the chest leads were covered in a separate advanced course and only the limb leads in this one. Therefore, to get the complete course, you have to sign on for two courses. Be that as it may, I did learn quite a bit and I if you could send me information on the advanced course I would appreciate it.

A. Mullin

The ECG tracings printed nicely on my laser printer. I was impressed by the logical presentation. Each section progressed logically from the preceding module. ... I expected it to be, shall we say, less filling. By that I mean the content exceeded my expectations.

B. Wolter